Information Architecture Update

We have done several things over the past two months that has impacted the Information Architecture for the college libraries website in one way or another. This is a good time to revisit the naming and labeling of all items. In testing the sketches and wireframe models there are a handful of changes that have been made that affect the naming of links and categories. In order to better understand how these changes have come about please read the following posts A revised information architecture and Part II Information Architecture Creation.

Here is an overview of the changes that have been made

  • Interlibrary Loan becomes ILLiad
  • Citing a Source becomes Citing Sources
  • Subject Guides becomes Resources by Subject
  • University Archives changed to become College Archives
  • Two new categories have been created for Online Resources – Government Information and Newspapers
  • Policies becomes Policies and Procedures
  • Two new categories have been created for Policies and Procedures – How to put something on reserve and Information Literacy
  • Categories have been added under Resources by Subject

These changes reflect the results of testing the sketches and prototypes with people. The two most significant changes are renaming Interlibrary Loan to become ILLiad and renaming Subject Guides to become Resources by Subject. The first change is because when a person selects a link and arrives at a new website or web page the name needs to be the same. When a person selected the link called Interlibrary Loan and then ended up on a website called ILLiad it was confusing to them. Renaming this link eliminates the confusion.

The second most dramatic change was to rename Subject Guides to become Resources by Subject. The phrase Subject Guides was not clear to all people who helped us test the sketches and wireframe models. In wireframe models A and C the phrase Resources by Subject was used and people found it easier to understand than Subject Guides.

Here is what the Information Architecture looked like before the changes

After the updates have been made

The categories appear on the Resources by Subject and Online Resources web pages. These have been included in the Information Architecture, so they would not be forgotten. The content that appears in the upper left hand corner of the diagram (Hours, Library Catalogs etc.) will appear on the home page of the website.