Web Server Issues

As mentioned in the previous post there were some server issues as it relates to permissions that users (myself included) had. The permission issue has been resolved. When software and hardware gets updated there always tend to be issues that need to be resolved. When things arise it is always a learning experience that helps you move forward. Sometimes these issues start to appear at the worst time; However, all we can do is take each issue one at a time.

The other component that made things difficult as it pertains to deleting and overwriting files is the way it was being accomplished. In hind sight the solution was very simple; However, it did not cross my mind until someone asked me how I was accessing the web server. As soon as the question was asked I realized why I was having problems. When connecting to the server (regardless of its type) I usually connect to the server on a Macintosh computer by going to Go –> Connect to server. The default service that I always use is smb; However. when I was trying to connect it got switched over to asp. To circumvent all issues, I went back to using an FTP client.

Most of the time I usually use SFTP to connect to a web server. The way in which things have been configured at this institution allows you to connect to the web server just like any other server on the network and that is why I was just connecting directly to the server without using an FTP or SFTP client. Sometimes trying to do things a different way causes issues. With moving forward there may be other things that happen along the way. Stay tuned to find out what happens next…