Past Month

If you have been following along you have noticed that a post has not been made since just before Thanksgiving, which has left some people disappointed. It would be nice to be able to say that every single day has been productive; However, that is not been the case. With holidays and other things going on there has not been many exciting things going on as it pertains to the website.


The majority of the work with the new website has been in regards to adding content to it. As discussed in the post Creating, editing, and managing content for the new site Basecamp is being used to manage the writing of the content. From the perspective of creating a new website Basecamp makes things very easy for me as it pertains to content. In Basecamp you have the ability to create items called ‘Writeboards’ and we have used them to represent most of the web pages in the new website. For example, one of the web pages in the new website is called ‘Building Policy’ and a ‘Writeboard’ in Basecamp has been created for the web page.

There are a handful of web pages that were not created in Basecamp for a couple of different reasons. The ‘Libraries A-Z page was not created because the web page is just a listing of the content that appears in the new website and second it will be the last page created. As we began working through the process and analyzing all of the web pages that were created there was some content that was missing, so a new web page had to be created (note to self add page to Basecamp). The new web page is for the Research and Technology Help desk that resides in the Crumb Library. This space has always been used as the reference desk in the past; However, during the fall semester it was decided to rename the space because the library started to staffing the desk with an additional person to help with technology oriented questions.

A total of 20 web pages are complete and are currently being edited. This is a good start; However, there is plenty more to do. The reason I like Basecamp so much is that it is web based and everything that has been written is plain text (a blessing to anyone creating a website). This means the content in Basecamp can just be copied directly into the new website. After being copied you have no extraneous crap that you have to edit out. You can take the plain text and make headings and lists without any problems.

Now that, I have experienced using Basecamp to write content I do not want to do it any other way. Can we put a ban on Microsoft Word? It is a nightmare when it comes to the web. Just Say No!!!

Web Server Permissions

Another important issue that, I have been working through with the Computer Technology department is with the web server. A few weeks ago some upgrades took place, which have impacted the permissions that a person has as it relates to the web server. One of the first issues that came about was when copying a file (web page) over to the web server you could not view it in a web browser. When trying to view a web page you would receive a 403 error message.

After getting this issue resolved a new one cropped up. I could go into all the details, but that would require a long detailed essay. In conclusion, there are a few things that still need to be addressed as it pertains to the web server. In implementation and upgrading technology these type of things occur. By taking a laid back approach and working with people we will get through these frustrations. Its the growing pains of technology.