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If you have been paying attention you will have noticed that the link in the right hand column called the “Current College Libraries website” has been updated. As discussed in the previous post this is because a redirect has been created to point a person to the college libraries new website.

The official URL for the new website is:

However the following URL’s have been created to take a person to the one listed above:


When having a conversation with someone about the College Libraries website it is easier for me to say “lib dot potsdam dot edu” than “libraries dot potsdam dot edu”. For me it is always been more difficult to pronounce words that end in “ies” or “ly”. Just don’t forget to include the www in front of the name. Maybe I should add that to my language when talking about the URL. Maybe saying “www dot lib dot potsdam dot edu”.

What do you thing? Would this be easier to understand when stating the www or is it assumed?