General Comments during testing

Confusing Things

Articles Tab on Home Page

The articles tab continues to be confusing for most people because of how things are visually represented and named on the page. Even though the phrase ‘Periodicals at SUNY Potsdam’ was changed to become ‘Search for Journals, Magazines, or Newspapers’ people still selected the link to search for articles.

Library Catalogs on Home Page

Most people entered the search term in the empty field and clicked on the search button to locate a book. By having a list of different catalogs available on the Home Page is confusing for some people because they are given several different choices.

Questions that a few people asked were:

  • What catalog should I use?
  • What makes the catalogs different from each other?
  • Once I find a book in the catalog how do I get it?

Good Things

Social Media

One person stated that they liked seeing facebook and other social media all together in one place. They were actually surprised that the libraries had accounts with some of these services.

Music Resources Web Page

The music resources web page was easy for people to use and they felt like they new exactly where they needed to go to get to the information they needed. It is a page that is not cluttered with extraneous items that get in the way. When people where asked to view the Music Resources web page in the new website side by side to the page that exists in LibGuides people overwhelmingly liked the new page better.

General Comments

The new website is easier to use than the current website. People like the minimalistic look because it makes it easier for them to find things. One person stated that they liked the Online Resources and Libraries A to Z web pages. They found these two web pages very useful in trying to find information.