More Appearance Updates

The past week has been very busy doing a variety of things and most of them did not pertain to the website. Even though it was a busy week updates have been made to the website. As in an earlier post a brief explanation will be provided instead of talking through all of the technical details.

Left Hand Column

  • Twitter Feed was removed because people did not know what it was and second it does not get updated on a regular basis (there was five weeks between the current and last tweet).
  • Navigation Order was changed to put most important items first. This will need to be tested with people to find out if the order helps them become more efficient in finding information.
  • Padding was added to the left hand column, so it matches the height of th right hand column.
  • Color Yellow was removed when you hover over the social media links.

Right Hand Column

  • Color Yellow was removed when you hover of the ‘Crumb Hours by Month’ and ‘Crane Hours by Month’ link.

Home Page After Updates


About Us Section

  • Bread Crumb Navigation was missing ‘About Us’, so it was added to the page. For example, the ‘Crumb Library’ web page bread crumb navigation was changed from Home > Crumb Library to become Home > About Us > Crumb Library.

About Us Page After Updates


One thought on “More Appearance Updates

  1. Patrick, there were no twitter updates because the User Services Librarian position is unfilled. It may be an active part of the new USL’s outreach efforts; we can’t know that yet.

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