Part II Information Architecture Creation

After we finished placing all of the index cards into categories based upon the results of the card sort we began to talk about each one in more detail. As we began to look at each category we began to write down more terms on index cards that consisted of both content and subcategories for the website. For, example three subcategories were created and placed under the main category ‘Databases’. The sub categories are called:

  • Audio/Visual
  • Electronic Books
  • Articles

These subcategories are almost identical to the ones that were created by the fourth group that participated in the card sort. You can read about the categories they came up with in the post Card Sort Results by Group. The ‘Policies’ category was made into a subcategory and was placed under “About Us.

What the Information Architecture Looks Like

Here is what the tentative information architecture looks like in outline form:

  • Home
    • About Us
      • Crane Library
      • Crumb Library
      • University Archives
      • Employment
      • Policies
        • Borrowing Policy
        • Building Policy
        • Collection Development Policy
        • Course Reserves
        • Interlibrary Loan
    • Contact Us
    • Help
      • AskUs
      • Consultation Request
    • Citing a Source
    • Databases/Resources
      • Audio/Visual
      • Electronic Books
      • Articles
    • Subject
    • Site Map

Information Architecture layout

The following site map exists as a drawing that was created using Google docs.

You can view a larger image of the information architecture by going to the following URL:


The reason for using the word tentative is that it is now time to start testing the information architecture by showing it to a few people and getting feedback. After we get feedback we will than reevaluate what we have done and make any necessary changes.

We will be asking people the following questions:

  1. If you want to find out how you would get a library card what would you do?
  2. You are interested in finding out what type of equipment that you can check out from the Crane Library what would you select?
  3. If you wanted to call the University Archives to make an appointment what would you do?

Dan and I are both planning on testing out the information architecture with at least two to three people throughout the rest of the week. We are planning on meeting again early next week to talk about our findings and make any necessary changes. The next step in the project will be too start writing content and drawing sketches for the new website.