Over the past couple of weeks we have been creating sketches for what the new College Libraries website could look like. A total of four different versions were created.

Below are the first iterations of three of the four sketches:

A Home Page

B Home Page

C Home Page

Here is what those sketches became:

A Home Page Revised Version

B Home Page Revised Version

C Home Page Revised Version

After creating the sketches Dan and I got together last Friday to take a look at all of the sketches that we have created. Next we began to create a total of five questions that we are going to ask people about the sketches. Dan mentioned that we need to make sure that we ask people questions based upon the tasks that people that represent our target audience actually do.

The questions that we came up with are:

  1. Where would you go to search for the book The Great Gatsby?
  2. How would you search for course reserves?
  3. How long can you check out a book for?
  4. Where would you go to find a peer reviewed article?
  5. How do you get research help?

Thy will be help us test out the sketches and help us to determine where people may have trouble finding the information that will help them to answer each question.

Here is a slide show of all of the sketches that have been created.