Mashup and Online Tutorial Paper

This is just a reminder to please create a link on your blog to your Mashup when you are finished. Your mashup contains the following items

  1. Your Google Map
  2. Chat Widget
  3. The bookmarks you subscribed to using a Social Bookmarking site
  4. A link to your RSS Feed and Blog
  5. Optional item – examples include weather report, images from flickr/picasso, twitter posts, etc.
  6. Optional item

For the online tutorial paper you will do the writing portion on your blog and turn in the rest of the assignment in on paper.

For example, if your tutorial would be a blog, video, website or flash presentation:

  1. write about the audience, subject matter, delivery method on your blog
  2. create an outline about the major points and hand it in on a piece of paper (you can choose to just write this up in words if you prefer)
  3. draw two sketches that represent two different pages in the website, blog, video or flash presntation.

If you select a podcast replace step 3 above with a short script on how you would introduce the tutorial and what it is about. Such as

We will taking a look at how to create an account in Google Reader and subscribing to a feed. The first thing you will want to do is to goto the following URL: After going here you will want to create an account by …. Yada Yada Yada