Tuesday – Mashups

During class we will briefly take a look at some mashups and discuss their different components. Each person will randomly select one of the following mashups to explore:

Placeopedia – http://www.placeopedia.com/
Biowizard  –  http://www.biowizard.com
GovTrack http://www.govtrack.us
Chicago crime data  – http://chicago.everyblock.com/crime/
Berkeley-area Doctors – http://www.chaddickerson.com/mashups/doctors/
PubWindows –  http://www.neurotransmitter.net/pubmed_browser.php?topheight=40
Earmark Poupup – http://sunlightlabs.com/ermarks/
Find Pollution – http://www.findpollution.org

After discussing mashups we will create a map using Google Maps and then begin to work on the mashup assignment. You can view a map that I created giving people walking directions from the IU Foundation to the Herman B Wells library.

After creating a map you will than incorporate it into your mashup. Earlier this week we created an HTML page to contain either the zoho or meebo chat widget. You will use this webpage to create your mashup. Please see the syllabus for information.