Thursday – Social Bookmarking/Networking

We will be talking about social bookmarking and networking during Wednesdays class. Before diving into these topics we will have a guest speak from the Information Commons Chanitra Bishop. Chanitra has graciously offered to talk about how technology is being used in the Information Commons. After getting an oppurtunity to ask questions we we begin taking a look at social bookmarking websites. After discussing briefly their features and looking at library examples we will start working on the social bookmarking assignment, which is due on Tuesday, May 26.

With having so many social bookmarking websites to look at you will be randomly assigned one to look at from the following:

The social networkorking portion of the class we will be discussing how libraries are using these tools and look at some examples. After briefly discussing stoical networking we will split up into three different groups. Each group will create a social networking group for the class on one of the following web sites: facebook, ning, or myspace.