Patrick J. Patterson


Subject Guides Redesign Project – SUNY Potsdam College Libraries

This project involved redesigning the subject guides that appear in the College Libraries LibGuides installation. The process used to redesign the guides took an iterative approach that involved creating sketches and wireframe models that were created to represent what each web page would look like.  After the wireframe models were finished, I created a template that was used to create the new subject guides.  In addition to creating the new template CSS was written to match the appearance of the website.

SUNY Potsdam College Libraries

This link takes you to the Internet Archive showing what the site looked like when, I was working at the libraries. The libraries website was designed to support the mission of the university, library, and the community that it serves. To learn more about this project, please visit the SUNY Potsdam College Libraries Website Redesign blog. The process used to design the new website took a user-centered design approach and involved several different things such as a card sort, creating concept sketches, to building an interactive prototype.

Prototypes of Home Page – Created with OmniGraffle

IDS Search

The IDS Search interface was rewritten using CSS and JavaScript to match the design of the SUNY Potsdam College Libraries website. The IDS Search mechanism is based upon a project to help support resource-sharing cooperative within the state of New York. This search tool has been created to search the SUNY Potsdam library collection along with the other partnering libraries in the state.

Indiana University Foundation

This link takes you to the Internet Archive showing what the site looked like when, I was working at the Indiana University Foundation. This website was a new design which involved working with a group of people over a four month period. I was responsible for writing the CSS and HTML to display the content based upon a design that was given to me. The CSS and HTML were written by hand and then a template was created from it using Adobe Dreamweaver to make it easier to make updates. After the site was created, I worked with another person to update the content on a weekly basis.

Indiana University Student Foundation

With all sites this one has been redesigned since, I worked at the IU Foundation.  The link will take you to the Internet Archive showing what the site appeared after the redesign. This website was rebuilt using CSS, XML, and XHTML to be used by Cascade Server, which is a content management system (CMS).  Prior to rebuilding the website the information architecture of the site was reorganized to match the needs of the audience. After rebuilding the site it was incorporated into the CMS, so members of the student foundation could update content without having to know HTML. Part of this process has involved teaching people how to the CMS and creating short training videos that have been made available on YouTube.

METS Navigator Redesign

The METS Navigator is a METS-based system that was developed by the Indiana University Digital Library Program for displaying and navigating sets of page images or other multi-part digital objects. METS, the Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard, is an XML standard, maintained by the Library of Congress, for managing and describing digital library objects. I worked with a group of people to help redesign the current METS Navigator graphical user interface. This transitioned into the design of a usability study to assess the paper prototypes that were created for the METS Navigator.

Monroe County Public Library

The link above takes you to the appearance of the website when, I was working for the Monroe County Public Library (MCPL). For approximately one year, I worked at the MCPL working on a variety of different web related projects. One of the projects was to create the RSS feed that appears on the home page. Other duties included working with blogs on the Intranet and updating content on the web site. Since doing my internship the library has created a new website.

Encyclopedia Tutorial

This tutorial was created using Macromedia Flash to help people learn about the encyclopedias that are available in the Herman B Wells Library at Indiana University.


This project was created using Macromedia Flash MX and uses a musical background to help tell a story about a boy who has a dream. It is an adaptation of the children’s story Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak.

Shoe Quiz

The project involved using Macromedia Flash to teach people about the three different types of running shoes.